Dolphin Jetpack Makes Browser Twice as Fast as Google Chrome

The most sought-after browser for Android, Dolphin Browser has got a brand new add-on engine for making it run faster. The developers have been focusing on making the browsing experience of users as fast as possible and came up with Dolphin Jetpack which is said to make the browser 10 times faster than before.

According to the Dolphin team, the Dolphin Jetpack is twice as fast as Google Chrome and will bring 10 times better HTML5 rendering performance as compared to the existing Android browser. Jetpack significantly increases the speed over both stand-alone version and stock version, the speed of browser, however, also depends on the device.

Dolphin 9.0 with Jetpack performed significantly well in various benchmark tests. In the Ringmark test, Dolphin became the only browser to reach the 'Final Ring'. Dolphin (1394) also surpassed Chrome (1333) in the Octane test. In, an industry respected tool that tests a browser’s support of HTML5, Dolphin scored 480 against Google Chrome's 389. After setting benchmarks in these tests, Jetpack has emerged as a great add-on for Dolphin browser to improve performance.

Dolphin 9.0 or higher is required to run the Jetpack. Those who don't have the latest version of the browser can install it from Google Play. The parent company of Dolphin, MoboTap states that the browser has completed a milestone of 150 million worldwide installs which makes it the most successful third-party browser. To keep up with its popularity, the company continually brings forth plug-ins that offer faster speed, voice commands, gesture controls and lot more.


21st November, 2012 | 48 views

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