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Deepak Singhal
Deepak Singhal
10 /10 on Flipkart 12th Apr, 2016
Simply the best Android Smartphone out there!!

Pros: Awesome display. Outstanding Camera. Excellent performance, no lag at all. Really fast charging. Great gaming experience with Samsung Game Launcher. Great customized android experience given by Samsung as usual. Cons: Only issue is, phone gets hot earlier than normal, but its becoz of its default setting. It will go away with three simple steps: 1. Go to Settings -> Smart Manager -> Battery -> App power saver -> Details -> Put the apps into 'Always power saver' mood which you don't want to run in background. 2. Go to Settings -> Smart Manager -> Battery -> Battery Usage -> More -> Optimize battery usage -> Tap it to 'All Apps' . 3. Go to Settings -> Smart Manager -> Battery -> Turn off fast cable charging. Fast cable charging gets the phone really hot, its not good for device, Use fast cable charging only when you really need it. Standard charging also charge it in good time.

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Zuhaib Ahmed
Zuhaib Ahmed
10 /10 on Flipkart 21st Mar, 2016
The Best!!

Absolutely great phone, Samsung at its best, great reply to all the negative critics. This is the best phone right now! Pros: ++ Stunning display, 2560x1440 pixel, you have to see it to experience what an amazing display, clarity and color this phone has ++ Fast, fast, fast, super smooth and fast, no lag at all so far. Multi tasking king. Open/close/play/use apps really fast ++ Charging, charges in 90 minutes even with its massive 3000 mAH battery! ++ If Fast Charging enabled, charges in about 1 hour! ++ Battery backup is very impressive, for my moderate usage I can easily get through 1.5 days. ++ All the reviews talk knows about the camera, THE BEST and fast, no more explanation needed!! Low light or whatever, just click it! ++ First time using fingerprint feature, very very impressed at the ease of unlocking the phone with just your fingerprint. ++ 32 GB of space more than enough with memory card slot if you want more ++ Very handy Always On Display feature: Shows clock, date, battery, message/call notification while the device is locked. Bye bye to unlocking phone just to see time. ++ The Default Browser is simple, lightweight, feature-rich, smooth. ++ Water-proof and dust resistant, can't ask for more, no more worries during rainy days. ++ Dual Sim/Memory card, finally Samsung brings in these on its flagship phone. ++ Overall a very beautifully crafted phone, the design looks simply gorgeous and perfect.

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Arvind Sharma
Arvind Sharma
10 /10 on Flipkart 26th Aug, 2016

Great deal... I hav ordered on 24th aug and received on 25th... realy fast delivery by flipkart.... And the seller also very good...i got well packed box..

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Kalyanaraman Ses...
Kalyanaraman Ses...
2 /10 on Flipkart 18th Jun, 2016
Bad Deal From Flipkart

I paid the same amount Rs.48900/- like Samsung online store offers. In case of Samsung they offer the VR kit. Unfortunately Flipkart neither shipped it automatically or when followed up said they will not offer the same deal. Wondering what is offered by Samsung, why can't they get it and give it to Flipkart customers? Strange !! Customers make sure this offer is there, before you buy from Flipkart

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vijay vegesna
vijay vegesna
4 /10 on Flipkart 20th May, 2016
Not worth the price

S7 is not worth a buy. I only see all negatives on the mobile. It over heats very quickly. The touch screen is not working properly.Most importantly other people cant hear your voice clearly. This mobile is not at all worth buying for 49k.... I am regretting my decision to buy.Plz dont buy this for this price.All of ou wait for price drop to atleast 25 k.Or else you will suffer

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vikram chaudhary
vikram chaudhary
2 /10 on Flipkart 13th Aug, 2016
never buy any item from this seller

dear friends do not buy any product from this seller, he is very bad seller, he send u refurbish handset , if u generate return request , seller refuse to accept whether item comes under 10 day return policy , even flip kart support these kind of seller, flip kart spend my 10 day for simple return process, i didn't get any call from flipkart technical support person , who resolve my issue ., i call customer service daily basis. flipkart made my 48900 rupee waste, market price of this phone is 4360 after HDFC cash back , this is most worst experience with flipkart. better i go shop physically and get phone.

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Ankit chauhan
Ankit chauhan
2 /10 on Flipkart 22nd Mar, 2016
Where's my free Samsung VR gear??

Only reason i pre-booked Samsung galaxy s7 was because they were giving free Samsung VR gear with it, but at the time of delivery, the delivery boy had no idea about offer of VR gear, i called flipkart customer care instantly and executive told me to accept the phone for the moment and you will be told on how to receive the free VR gear. Later in the evening (yesterday) when i called flipkart customer care again, executive told me to go to My galaxy app in the phone and you will find it in the offers. And VR gear is nowhere to be seen in that app, i am already feeling cheated, sole reason why i pre-booked this phone from flipkart is because of free VR gear!! Flipkart owes me an explanation and a resolution as soon as possible.

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Vishwesh B
Vishwesh B
2 /10 on Flipkart 19th May, 2016
Dont Buy Samsung or Flipkart ever!!!Go for iphone 6s..

You must have read the ads in the paper that gear vr for 900!!ITS ALL FAKE.You have to insert the same sim card from which you have registered(thats ok).But then you have to wait for 20 days before you can get the coupon code.And kudos to the samsung support care for making this process miserable!And flipkart too!!Great job in making the process tiresome.And when u get the code..guess what?U get only 50%off and have to pay 4000.Samsung has reaaly proven that it is the cheapest company who can fall to any standards to save even a 4000 ruppees!!And the phone is no match for iphone 6s.So dont even consider s7.

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rohit sharma
rohit sharma
2 /10 on Flipkart 22nd Apr, 2016
Accessories missing. Don't buy because NO REPLACMENT.

Worst service by Flipkart (WS Retail). I have received the product with tempered seal and usb connector was missing in the box. When I request for the replacemnt Flipkart offer waiver of 200/- instead of replacment. Never buy product from Flipkart

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Sakshi Saini
Sakshi Saini
10 /10 on Flipkart 19th Mar, 2016
Buy it for the Camera

DxOMark has confirmed S7 as the top mobile camera. It scored 88/100. Camera is especially relevant for video, because of super fast auto-focus In my initial impressions, the package is same as S6 with better Battery and Water proofing. This makes S6 a good phone to buy now, I'd recommend to buy S6 rather than S7, or wait another year for S8. I wasn't comfortable forking out full retail price, so Galaxy Gear VR headset better be worth the trouble. Cons - No USB-C, Would be expensive to repair (I am still looking for buying insurance for the phone). Significantly poor resale value when compared to iPhone's. However 16Gb iPhone doesn't make any sense, and 64GB is costlier. Pros - Camera, Camera and Camera (marginally better shooter than iPhone 6S)

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Bhusshan Chavan
Bhusshan Chavan
10 /10 on Flipkart 27th Jul, 2016
Beautiful beast

Being Samsung user for 6 years I am fan of Samsung anyway. But after using note 2 for 3.5 years expectation bar was raised far higher by Samsung. Feel and look of this is amazing. I will not repeat specs as you can get it from anywhere on Internet. I am overall Happy with user experience. moving form 5.5 inch screen to 5.1 screen is not that bad as this is pretty handy even with thick back cover. Icing on the cake is Samsung VR I got in 999 only. I When I purchased this I was away from home and taken risk of hotel I was staying in. But amazingly delivery by Flipkart was amazing. I I got product on next day. That was Sunday. Hats off to Flipkart.

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Sukhbir Khera
Sukhbir Khera
8 /10 on Flipkart 31st Mar, 2016
Heats up n long time to charge battery

Phone is gud to have in hand. Nice design and royal look. Pic clarity is awesome even in very low light. But heats up a lot playing games or working on camera for half an hour. sometimes heats up even in 10 minutes. Takes a long time 6+ hours to charge from 5% to 100%. Battery backup is ok though. Neither too long lasting, nor on the shorter side. Touch is awesome. The notification light I like Huawei's better than samsung, because if phn is charging n some msg comes on samsung, it doesn't show the charging notification. It shows notification of New/Unread message. Finger print sensor is good. Unlocks the phone 9 out of 10 times. It really depends on how you have set the finger prints(different angels n different portions of the thumb/finger). I'll give it 3.5 stars. -1.5 stars for the heat-up/ charging issue.

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Flipkart Customer
Flipkart Customer
8 /10 on Flipkart 28th Sep, 2016
Requires protective cover

Pros: The features are good. Fingerprint scanner works well. Quite fast. Does not get heated. Battery life of 1 day if heavily used, 2+ days for moderate use. Cons: Does not seem to be drop tested. Had a screen crack after a fall with the phone in pocket which costed Rs. 8 K to fix. Recommend that you get an Otterbox case along with this.

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Krishna Prasanna
Krishna Prasanna
10 /10 on Flipkart 24th Jul, 2016
Hold it with pride!!!

Excellent design, feels very rich in hand , Great screen so smooth .... Very fast no lag at alllll Good battery backup Camera in low light is awesome Expandable storage Cons... As it is so smooth it slips from hand or pocket easily Misses features like air view, IR blaster Overall a best phone this year....

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Parv Jain
Parv Jain
6 /10 on Flipkart 23rd Mar, 2016
Gear VR

For those who are waiting for their free VR Install my galaxy app. Register with same mobile no. You will see under deals that you can claim ur VR after 5th april 2016

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8 /10 on Flipkart 13th Oct, 2016

Probablybthe best 5 inch smart phone in the market. Camera n performance is good. The Ui is a bit laggy. If water resistance n smart sim tray is not a need one plus 3 is a better option. Hold charge for a whole day with 2 sim cards on n 4g data full time on. Finding glass screen guards are a problem as the edges are curved.

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Swapnil S
Swapnil S
10 /10 on Flipkart 4th Oct, 2016
Worth every penny

Delivers on all fronts. Great camera, fast response, beautiful screen, small tweaks in OS are actually useful. Battery is not bad either. Although I do use Greenify for power management. The Gear VR is mediocre though. Its bulky and not comfortable to use. So having used S7 for more than 3 months I would say its a great buy. Definitely superior than its contemporaries.

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Nitin Dangi
Nitin Dangi
2 /10 on Flipkart 2nd Dec, 2016


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Anunaya Agarwal
Anunaya Agarwal
6 /10 on Flipkart 3rd Sep, 2016
Not Impressed

Great Phone. But few major cons- 1) The phone built is really bad. I dropped it from pocket height and the back glass broke. (Phone is made from glass both sides). 2) The phone charges really fast but discharges equally quick.

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Flipkart Customer
Flipkart Customer
4 /10 on Flipkart 18th Jan, 2017
Bad quality

Seller is too bad ... he 1st sent me a j2 instead of s7 ... how these guys could be this much irresponsible...

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