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Mallikarjuna Rao
Mallikarjuna Rao
6 /10 on Flipkart 15th May, 2016
Good phone but with drawbacks - Laymans review

I see a lot of positive reviews here.Makes it look like a perfect phone.I would like to highlight some cons in my review Cons ----------------------------------- 1. 720p display In the generation where 10k price phones have 1080p displays, a 720p display in 5.5 inch screen is simply ridiculous.Viewing angles are worse.My display gives a rainbow-ish tint when viewed sideways(might be AMOLED display flaw ?). On the flip side, lesser resolution requires less power from battery, so its a trade-off. 2.No magnetic sensor This means maps wont rotate according to your motion. VR videos on facebook won't work.In the generation of Oculus and VR, this is unacceptable 3.No notification LED My previous phone has a notification LED & I now recognise its importance 4.Poor UI/UX with samsung touchwiz The design of touchwiz is very sub-standard compared to stock android,ios or HTC sense. 5.Bloatware Ridiculous amount of inbuilt apps from Samsung which eat up the already less 16GB internal memory.Camera app is very laggy. 6.Poor quality speaker and bundled earphones Speakers on the phone are very bad.So is the sound quality though earphones(tested with good quality earphones) 7. Charging wire is too short. So short that it can't reach the phone on your desk from standard plug point 8.Heats up a little Gets hot , but I think it is OK with smartphones. 9.Slippery/Soft back and sides With no cases yet available on the market, this is a big issue with that huge phone size 10.No backlight on capacitive keys 11.Build quality looks cheap Even with the aluminium on the sides, it does not feel premium to hold. Packaging of this phone and accessories is so very cheap.Check some unboxing videos to see it yourself. 12.Bit costly This is debatable, but with these many cost cuttings this price is nowhere justify able. Pros ---------------------------------------------- 1. Very good camera 2. Front flash for you selfie experts 3. Good battery life 3. Light weight, thin and super fast 4. Good after-sales service by Samsung Overall Verdict : Good phone if you know what you are getting into.

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ujjwal mahajan
ujjwal mahajan
10 /10 on Flipkart 14th May, 2016
New samsung J7 ( Beautiful & Powerful device )

Hey , I was using sony earlier but was very dissapointed because of the heating issues and battery backup(mediatek-family device) This new samsung J7 is really a beautiful and powerful device. 1.) Screen resolution is 720p sAMOLED ( display is crisp and bright enough ) Honestly i felt like this device has full HD display. 2.) Monster Battery - 3300mAh after full charge 30 hours backup (usage calling, whatsapp, facebook, insta.) 3.) Touch - very responsive and fluid smooth... 4.) Voice clearity - good enough ( on call ) ( loud enough - for music ) 5.) Super fast internet - ( 4G support ) 6.) No Heating Issues with games like assphalt 8 : airborne , battle gunship , snipper 3D... 7.) Camera - rear & front cameras are pretty good , shoots beautilful pictures and videos are superb too ( HD recording ) 8.) HD video playback ( 1080p reso. ) super smooth rendering and no lagging issues. 9.) Octa core processor - exynos 7870 chipset makes it super cool and fast. 10.) My Favourite - All Microsoft Office Apps ( word , excel, powerpoint, note.. ) easy to make and edit doc's. ONE CANNOT GET ANYTHING BETTER THEN THIS AT THIS PRICE... I'M SURE. OVERALL :- Decent and powerful device, Very beautifully designed, Light in weight, Feature rich device ;) DON'T THINK - SIMPLY CLICK ( BUY IT NOW ) Hatts-Off to Samsung :) Thumbs-up and Big thanks to flipkart :) (y) Regards

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8 /10 on Flipkart 11th May, 2016
Nice Looking and Long Battery Phone

Just now i have received my J7 6. Earlier I was used J7, comparing to the J7 6 to old J7 it has minor changes but powerful changes i.e Battery,Processor,Ram,Marshmallow (OS),Metalic Design except these changes remain all are same. Some of the pitfalls still came with J7 6 from old J7 those are 1. Less ringtone volume. 2. Call Quality 3. not full HD These are the observations i had done. I will post my complete review after 1 month.

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Tushar Goel
Tushar Goel
8 /10 on Flipkart 11th May, 2016
Total beast

I am here to answer a simple question which my friends have had asked me. Why are you buying this when you can get better specs and even a finger print sensor for same price. well i had tons of reviews of people complaining of heating issues, lack of service centre which points at cheap hardware made by companies to reach those specs. i am not specs hungry person. For me good battery life good camera and decent processor is enough(dont play games). Happy to report i have not faced any heating issues or sluggishness even when i was playing videos from youtube for an hour. good stylish slim phone. cons screen could have been 1080p but hey i get samsung trust that this phone can run for a long time.

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vipul Bamaniya
vipul Bamaniya
10 /10 on Flipkart 15th May, 2016
Awesome Phone

Hi.. i am frist owner in my city.. ordering launch date mid Night. This Phone is Simply Awesome.If you are looking to buy phone under 16k this is perfect phone.. i am also use J7 old edition. icomparing to the J7 6 to old J7 it has minor changes but powerful changes i.e Battery,Processor,Ram,Marshmallow (OS),Metalic Design except these changes remain all are same. Some of the pitfalls still came with J7 6 from old J7 those are PROS: 1) Display is pretty good with vibrant colors. 2) Touch is smooth and responsive. 3) Build quality is good and look. 4) Camera quality is simply Brilliant(Both front and rear) 5) Battery backup is goodas you expect from 3300maH battery. old J7 3000MHA 6)No lag or hanging problem as of now and you shounld not expect hanging problem with 2GB of RAM and 1.60 ghz Octacore processor. OLD J7 1.5Ram And 1.50z octacore processor 7) remove battery phone is Slim and very Light Weight. 8) Front Flash 9) OTG support. 10)Fast Charging. CONS: 1) No backlit on buttons. 2) No Gorilla Glass(Tempered glass may be applied to solve this issue) 3) Speaker sound is little less as compared to other phones at this price. this price under 16 k market best mobile in this. but without samsung brand in market value zero :) Overall a good phone I am so impressed with this phone that I even ordered 2 more..;) 4)some time loud speaker problem and i have repLASHMENT my mobile.

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10 /10 on Flipkart 12th May, 2016
Good Going Samsung! :)

Purchased this product on 10/05/2016, the moment it became available. Started using it. Build seems to be superb, even better than before. Looks have drastically improved. Screen colours look punchy and vibrant. I got more than a day of battery backup on the first day of use... So far so good! Will pen down my complete experience with this product only after 2 weeks of usage. These were only my first impressions. :)

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Rakesh Roshan
Rakesh Roshan
10 /10 on Flipkart 14th May, 2016
The best midrange phone from a reputed brand

This is my First Samsung mobile in my 9 long years of smartphone usage. Was always critical of Samsung and its boring, beaten to death designs with little specifications compared to competition and higher price point. This view of me has changed in the past two three years, they had continuously evolved and their market share itself proves it very well. This J series is their best range I would say, the last year version itself was superb one, but the news of updated version made me wait for three months and finally ordered it on the launch date itself, got it delivered the next day that is 11th May by 10.30am....amazing, jet speed delivery by flipkart..... Coming to the mobile, the design is the main attractive point, makes you drool over it with the metal frame with stunning metal cut at the edges, and smooth chamferred sides...the minute works on the design front makes it a premium looking mobile, no where felt like a midranger....the back with brushed design looks awesome...the golden color gives the rich feel, i would suggest anyone to go with this color..... The Amoled screen looks stunning with vibrant colors and crispy images, its a pure delight to watch the screen, full on marks for this to samsung for giving a wonderful screen experience, once looked into it anyone will definitely fall for it....though it is HD screen, it felt perfect with amoled screen, the same resolution in other mobiles comes nowhere near samsung..... The Touchwiz OS has come a long way, it is the perfect one which is amazingly optimised for a hassle free lovely user interface....the icons, the gestures, and the extra features given are all superb, nice touch in giving the notifications in the icons itself....Running on Android Marshmallow, it is amazingly swift in moving through the applications, snappy and buttery smooth performance.....coupled with 2GB ram and Exynos octacore clocked at 1.6GHz moves along well with the speed of our thoughts....The camera clarity, both front and back were amazing....clicked beautiful pictures, the images are sharp and crisp......there was no lag anywhere felt in the last four days usage, no heating which is a major relief..... The mother of all is the humongous battery, with 3300 mah optimised with superb processor and Hd screen, the battery backup is the single high point.....with moderate to heavy usage, i got through easily to second day evening.....such a powerful battery....from morning to evening 8pm, the total spent was only 40% with 4g always on and browing often, in travelling and using dual sim, which is an amazing feat.....kudos to samsung..... Everything about the mobile is perfect to the core, can say it is the best option in this category....instead of going with non branded and new launch mobiles with more spec oriented, which after a period shows its true color.....going with a sreputed brand like samsung made me feel relaxed and with this amazing features and beautiful design, this has won my heart.....have become a samsung fanboy from now on.....will recommend anyone to go with j7 2016 version, it will not disappoint you on any grounds.....

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Jibin Mathews
Jibin Mathews
2 /10 on Flipkart 2nd Jun, 2016
Bad Phone too many compromises

Pros Screen Cons Camera the os is 32 bit so no 64 bit os ,the cortex a53 works in 32 bit mode severly affecting its performance Upvote this so samsung update os to 64 bit

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vinooth neehar
vinooth neehar
10 /10 on Flipkart 11th May, 2016
Perfect Upgrade for the old J7.

Perfect Upgrade for the old J7. Thumbs up for the build quality and design. Thanks for the new Samsung EXYNOS octacore processor. Best Android Phone that stands out # Blazing fast and power efficient # Stunning design (absolutely head turner) # Sturdy Construction # Long battery life (1.5 days with moderate usage) # Superb front back Camera # Beautiful Display (outdoor too) # Excellent call quality & reception # 128GB Expandable Storage # Extremely Costomizable *Beautiful Design:The sleek and durable metal frame comes with a diamond cut finish. The back panel with its brushed metal finish completes the premium look. *Display is crystal clear. Larger 5.5 sAmoled Display - 720p. Now enjoy clearer and sharper images on your Galaxy J7 (2016), thanks to the larger and more vivid sAMOLED display. With vibrant colours and deeper contrast, everything that you watch on the Galaxy J7 (2016) is as lively as your ride . *Both the cameras (front & rear) on Galaxy J7 (2016) come with f1.9 aperture. This means you can capture clearer pictures even in low light conditions. With the Quick Launch feature, you will never miss out on a beautiful moment. And with a host of other features that will enhance your pictures, you can take your selfies to the next level. *Galaxy J7 (2016) is equipped with the Ultra Data Saving Mode. By compressing data and restricting background applications from consuming unnecessary data, it saves your 4G data usage up to 50%*. *With S bike mode, don’t let those unwanted calls play spoilsport while you ride What’s coming between you and the wild gush of wind on the road ahead? It’s those unwanted calls that follow you everywhere. The Galaxy J7 (2016) comes with S bike mode that will help keep such calls at bay so that you can enjoy a tension free ride. However, if the call is urgent, the caller can press 1 on their phone and get through to you. *Thanks for the new Samsung EXYNOS octacore processor. With Advanced Processor & Ultra Power Saving mode, experience the best performance. With the large 2GB RAM in the Galaxy J7 (2016), you can now multitask better and navigate faster at 4G speed. What’s more, in case your phone’s battery is running low, all you have to do is simply activate the Ultra Power Saving mode. It helps reduce power consumption by allowing access to only necessary applications so that you can use your phone for longer. **With the latest AndroidTM 6.0 Marshmallow, Galaxy J7 (2016) comes with the latest AndroidTM 6.0 Marshmallow. With a wealth of new features, it not only helps your device to perform seamlessly but also complements its premium look. Final Verdict: Dont Think Much.Just Go for it. Rating Overall 9/10

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10 /10 on Flipkart 12th May, 2016
Honestly the best device under 20k

Pros 1. Design- Golden Colour, Slim design with very less bezels giving it a premium look. (10/10) 2. Marshmallow - The UI is very cool than J7(2015). (10/10) 3. Camera - Must say this is the best camera under 20k. I also own Moto X play and the compared result were shocking. J7 is snappier with pro settings and focuses even the closest object which even Nexus 6p struggles to do. The video is well stabilized. (10/10) 4. Performance- j7(2015) stunned everyone with its performance. So this time additional 500mbs of Ram is everything one needs. Nova 3, MC5, Amazing Spiderman 3,etc ran damn fluently. (10/10) 5. Battery- 3300mah is perfect as it can last for 1 day easily for "HEAVY USER" too which gave me whooping screen on time of nearly 7hrs (10/10) Cons( Doesn't bother me) 1. Though Amoled Display are great yet 720p display restricts you from watching 1080p on Youtube. Still the display is elegant. 2. No auto brightness sensor. But i have not used it on any phone so no issues for me and no magnetic sensor (BIGGEST CON) Conclusion: Conclusion: People confused between MOTO X PLAY and J7. Simply go for J7 if your budget below 20k as this is "THE BEST"

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Manoj gahlot
Manoj gahlot
10 /10 on Flipkart 11th May, 2016
samsung J7 - 6 Awesome Product

Samsung J7 *6 value for money in this range, Gold colour awesome, Best pic. quality, better than other phones, Flipcart diliveryed it in just 24 Hours, Thanks To Flipcart.

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10 /10 on Snapdeal 18th Sep, 2016
Best mobile in best price

Samsung galaxy J7 (2016) is best mobile than others.super display fine sound.thanks snapdeal for fast delivery.

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koneru nikhil
koneru nikhil
2 /10 on Flipkart 19th May, 2016


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2 /10 on Flipkart 23rd May, 2016


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2 /10 on Flipkart 17th Jul, 2016

Not as expected ..its camera quality is poor . its a 4g phone but its speed is slow as compared to another brand phones ..seriously very disappointed by such big brand samsung ... my first experience with samsung has became worst ...

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Kalirajan Thangamani
Kalirajan Thangamani
4 /10 on Flipkart 14th Jun, 2016
Not recommended

Apart from speakers quality & Performance rest all is ok Even video Volume is also not good. Photo Clarity is good

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Manjesh kumar
Manjesh kumar
10 /10 on Snapdeal 25th Sep, 2016
Fantastic Smart Phone

Fantastic Smart Phone Very Good features Smooth Running.

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harsh tyagi
harsh tyagi
2 /10 on Flipkart 12th Jun, 2016
product is freezing from the first day

we requested for refund on second day itself but flipkart is not ready to do that. fake promises for easy return.. 10 days they are just wasting our time. i will never shop on flipkart again. i demand a refund either they stop saying easy returns . i am not at all satisfied by the flipkart sevices, they are fake.

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Tapan Vhatkar
Tapan Vhatkar
10 /10 on Flipkart 23rd May, 2016
Samsung Galaxy J7 - 6 (New 2016 Edition) : Honest Review

Hi, looking for a genuine review ? Here we go - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pros :- 1. 5.5 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen just looks awesome in hands. The shiny aluminium metal side body and sexy curve will make you fall in love with this phone. Touch is very smooth and responsive. No delays. 2. It has latest 6.0.1 Andoid OS and Exynos 7870 Octa Core Processor with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM - What else you can expect within 16k ? The gaming performance is fantastic with no lags. 3. 13 MP f/1.9 Camera quality is just awesome. The front camera as well is capable of taking good selfies. The flash provided for front camera is not that much necessary but yes if you are selfie addicted person then you the importance of it :) 4. OTG Support - Yes it has OTG support and you can connect PD, HDD, mouse, keyboard for various purpose. 5. Last but not the least, 3300 mAh battery which is more than enough. I charged my phone to 100 % and it took about 2 and half days to discharge with 6-8 hours of talk time, 4-5 hrs of music listening and connected to WiFi/MobiData Network continuously. Isn't it GREAT ? and it took 2 hours to charge the phone from 0 to 100%. I am very surprised with the battery performance. Nice job Samsung. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cons :- 1. 720p display instead of 1080p display even spending Rs.16K ( but it actually helps to increase battery backup ) 2. No Fingerprint scanner. No S-View flip cover support as No Magnetic Sensor. No Auto brightness sensor (its not needed though). No notification LED. 3. No Screen Protection i.e. absence of GorillaGlass. But I have did some scratch test and the phone passed all of them. For safety side, apply tempered glass screen protector. 4. Mobile speaker quality poor. Its not loud enough. Overall the brand new Samsung Galaxy J7-6 is good and if you are looking for replacement for your old Mobile, this could be the best choice of the year 2016. Have a nice day!! :D

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Vikas Jain
Vikas Jain
8 /10 on Flipkart 12th May, 2016
amazing phone

good camera, awesome screen, good battery backup, loud and clear sound, you get 10GB of space out of 16GB, phone look best in GOLD color, not too many pre-installed apps, HD video clarity is very clear. BEST PHONE IN THIS RANGE.....

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