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10 /10 on Flipkart 13th Nov, 2015
Nexus 5x vs Nexus 6P: Guide to choose right mobile

I bought Nexus 5x from eBay as it was selling cheaper during diwali offer.This review is for those who are confused to choose between Nexus 5x and 6P. Earlier i have used Nexus 5/ Moto X Play/ One Plus Two. But When i started using the Nexus 5x i am completely surprised. The experience is so much amazing that i have decided never to use a non-nexus device in future. 1. Camera: If you are a camera lover, (especially low light photography)please buy this phone. This is by far the best camera(both in low light and day light) experience i have. It is better than OP2 and Moto xPlay's 21MP camera.NEXUS 5x and 6P has same camera performance. 2. Fingerprint Scanner(FS): The best/perfect FS out in the market right now. It takes only 6 touch to configure and works every time. So it is better than OP2 which is good but not as fast as Nexus 5x. NEXUS 5x and 6PP has similar FS experience. 3. Light weight: I do lots of surfing and watch videos. Both OP2 and Moto X play are good mobiles but they are too heavy(with silicon back case applied). After 10 minutes i feel like holding bricks in my hand. But with Nexus 5x i am so happy as it is very lightweight. 5/5 again. NEXUS 6P is much heavier than 5x. 4. Smaller size: Again after using bigger mobiles like OP2 and Moto X Play when i touched Nexus 5x, it was very pleasant experience. 5.2 inch screen is perfect for me. Neither too big not too small for watching videos and surfing. Nexus 6P is again much bigger. 5. Android M and future updates: I am a kind of person who cannot wait for future android updates.With Nexus 5x now i don't have to worry about future updates. Considering the track of Nexus 5(released in 2013 and received updates till 2015), Nexus 5x will receive all android updates till 2017. It means i can use it till late 2018 with updated software all the time.But such a promise cannot be expected from companies like Motorola and One Plus. So NOW I AM TENSION FREE FOR 3 YEARS AS FAR AS UPDATES ARE CONCERNED. NEXUS 5x and 6P both will get same set of updates. 6. Earphone provided with the mobile is very very good. Many times better than what Motorola provides. NEXUS 5x and 6P have similar earphones. 7 Gaming performance: Though i am not a serious gamer but i decided to test its gaming performance. I played games like Asphalt, San Andreas, Mortal Combat. GAMING PERFORMANCE is really good on NEXUS 5x. BUT NEXUS 6P IS MUCH BETTER FOR GAMING. SO GAMERS CHOSE NEXUS 6P. 8. Battery: Now this is a tricky comparison. Nexus 5x has 2700mah which takes around 90 minutes to completely charge itself with usb type c adaptor. for heavy use it lasts 12 hours on average. But my Moto x play which has 3630 mah battery does not have fast charger and with the charger provided it takes around 3 hours to completely charge the mobile and on heavy usage it lasts for 24 hours only. So considering the time it takes to charge the mobile i think Nexus 5x beats Moto x play and OP2(it takes around 150mins to completely charge itself). So unless and untill you do lots of travelling without power banks Nexus 5x battery will not disappoint you. AGAIN NEXUS 6P HAS MUCH BETTER BATTERY. SO IF BATTERY IS YOUR FIRST priority BUY NEXUS 6P. Some features of Nexus 5x which did not impress me: 1. Single sim: i usually prefer double sim mobiles Except Nexus 5, all the mobiles i use are double sim. But i already have a good secondary mobile like redmi 2 prime at low cost to solve this issue. 2. Usb type c charger: I had to purchase a type c to micro usb adaptor separately. 3. Storage: I would love to have micro sd card slot on Nexus 5x. But as 32 GB model has 25GB free space. So it is not bad. BUT NEXUS 6P HAS 64GB MODEL TOO. IF YOU ARE BUYING NEXUS 5X PLEASE NEVER BUY 16GB MODEL. 4. Plastic back cover: Many people might get disappointed by non-metal finish. SO NEXUS 6P IS THE REAL PREMIUM NEXUS OF 2015. 5. 2GB RAM: In my daily experience i did not feel any lag with 2 GB RAM provided. But considering other manufacturer offer atleast 3GB RAM in 30K price range i think it is a con. 2GB RAM OF NEXUS 5X IS NOT GOOD FOR MULTITASKING. WE GET ONLY 600-700MB FREE OUT OF 2GB. NEXUS 6P HAS 3GB RAM. 6. battery: it drains like water. heavy users will not like it. NEXUS 6P IS MUCH BETTER IN TERMS OF BATTERY. Who should choose Nexus 5x: 1. If you like small screen and light weight mobile. 2. Medium and light users of mobile. 3. Casual gamers. 4. Have power banks or can recharge mobile anytime during the day. 5. Non-geeks. 6. Cannot afford NEXUS 6P. 7. Those who do not do MULTITASKING . 8. WANT TO UPGRADE FROM NEXUS 5 OF 2013. Who should buy NEXUS 6P: 1. Heavy/power users 2. If you do lots of MULTITASKING. 3. Like phablets and comfortable with heavy weight 4. Better battery requirement. 5. Geeks who want best processor in the market and can afford it. 6. Need more storage like 64GB.

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4 /10 on Flipkart 8th Nov, 2015
Priced too high

Device is good overall , but Google has priced it significantly higher in India than the US, which is disappointing...

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6 /10 on Flipkart 7th Nov, 2015
best mobile between 20-25k in 2015.

Nowadays buying a mobile is almost like investing your money. Nexus 5x is the best mobile if you want to buy a mobile in the range of 20-25k today. The reason is it has only few cons. 1. Single sim 2. Average battery - 2700mah battery can provide screen on time of around 210-240 mins. So battery performance is just average. But it is not bad. Considering mobiles like moto x play and one plus two with much Bigger battery go upto 300 mins approx. 3. No sd card support - i think this is the biggest con of nexus 5x. If you have otg it is fine. But i still miss sd card a lot. But the pros of nexus 5x outweighs cons 1. Excellent camera- it produces ultimate images Both in daylight and lowlight. I want to give 100 out of 10. Amazing performance. 2. Amazing gaming performance - outstanding. You will love it. It can manage any game in high reaolution with butter smoothness. 3. Light weight and apt size of 5.2 inches. Those who like smaller device will love it. 4 timely software updates - though it is not always a good thing as we get many bugs with new updates too. But still mine has got android 6.0.1 on 14th december. 5. Type c charger can charge nexus 5x in 90 mins. In short i would like to say that if camera and gaming performance are your first two priority then buy this mobile . Do not think twice. Unless and untill you want to wait for xiaomi mi5 in april or may 2016. If battery and storage is your first two priority and you do not want to buy nexus 5x, then wait for mi5 . Do Not waste money on one plus two or moto x play now.

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6 /10 on Flipkart 7th Nov, 2015
good mobile but not worth the price.

Nowadays buying a mobile is almost like investing your money. Nexus 5x is a good mobile but it is not worth 30-32K in Indian Market. These are the 4 biggest problem with the mobile. If it does not bother you you can go ahead and buy it. 1. 16GB Storage out of which we get around 10GB free: This is the biggest limitation in India. In Developed countries like US people use cloud storage to store data due to availability of public wifi everywhere. But In India people need to to store data on mobile. So 16GB storage at 30K makes no sense(unless you are fan of iphone). There are many better alternatives with larger memory. 2. Weak Battery: 2700Mah battery is not what we expect(even if it runs Android M) when we pay 30K.. There are many better alternatives with stronger battery. Even if usb c type charger is there but we cannot carry it all day with us. 3. Single sim: Again no sense at all in Indian market. If your job profile involves lots of travelling or you want to segregate personal calls from business call, you can understand the benefit of dual sim. Having spent 30K i do not want to carry another mobile. 4. USB type c charger: Still not compatible with almost all devices that we use everyday. And by the time type c charger will be used everywhere, Nexus 5x will be 2-3 years old. We have alternatives like Moto x style, One Plus two. Nexus 5x has very good camera and gaming performance. But Moto x style and OP2 also perform these tasks very well. In 2013 when Nexus 5 was released there was no alternative to it. But in 2015 we have better alternatives. Those who have never used Nexus series mobile , please don't buy it just because it is a nexus mobile. Nexus 6P is far better VFM than Nexus 5x. In 30K price range also we have better VFM like Moto x style and OP2.

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Rohit Mandal
Rohit Mandal
8 /10 on Flipkart 16th Mar, 2016
The Younger Nexus. As Good as it gets.

Its been 15 days I've been using this device and mark my words this is of the best devices I have used. Prior to this one, I had Moto X (1st Gen) and Moto Droid Turbo. The Younger Nexus is an worthy successor to the 2013's Nexus 5. Comparing the specs with lot of other flagships, this one shows minimum to no stutter on daily day to day use. Despite of its 2GB RAM (Which by 2016's standard is 1/2 gig less) it flies through your daily activities and mark it when I say that I've been using this device to its fullest. There are more than 30 downloaded apps with constantly running background services, this one rarely shows any form of lag or stutter. With almost 20+ tabs opened in chrome and 10-12 ongoing background services it never ForceCloseed me. Below are some of my key findings which might help you judge on weather to spend your money in it or not. Pros : 1. Pure Android Marshmallow, with guaranteed 2 updates for 2016/2017. 2. Finger Print (Nexus Imprint) reader. Spot on. barely mis-recognized me once or twice. 3. One of the best Camera Sensor both front and back. with super low light image capture. (OIS is missing, but steady hands gives some great results.) 4. Call and reception quality, though we barely judge our smartphones based on these qualities now a days, but here LG had given us, a well balanced earpiece and noise cancellation mics with crystal sound on both ends. 5. The WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS radios are spot on, I have managed to connect to WiFi with very poor signal strengths. (I was able to connect to my single band router 3 floors away without any issues. same goes to the GPS, found my device within seconds of switching it on.) The SO-SOs' : 1. The Display, though being a Full HD , I'm not complaining about the clarity or sharpness, but the contrast and Blacks are little off-the-mark. (Both my earlier devices are AMOLED, so judgement are based on that.) 2. The Main speaker (front) is good, but on noisy environments it can be easily over shadowed. 3. The Built quality : Full plastic built, very light , no metal whatsoever. But grippy and less slippery. 4. The Ambient Light sensor sometimes behaves funny. 5. USB C cables. Though its the "Future" as they say, but the charging/data syncing cable is USB C - USB C which might be a case if you don't have Type C ports in your Laptop or desktops (Which most of us don't have.) PS : LG is blessed us a converter (which I didn't expected at all) which can solve most the issues. (data sync can be done using PC normal micro-usb cable but USB OTG with the converter doesn't works.) CONs : One and Only 1. The battery. Being 2700Mah and even with Marshmallows Doze, it fails to live up to a day, of my kind of use (heavy, with LTE mode on and lots of networking and Up-Downloads) it gave me 3.15hrs of screen on time and died around 1630hrs. Left my charger around 0700hrs. PS : Little trick if you wanna juice out a little more, Uninstall the Facebook app right now(even with your current device) its a sucker of your battery. and turn into 3G/2G radios if you don't need them. (if connected to WiFi). LTE radio is another monster for battery. Go and buy the 32Gb version, 16Gb sets should die by 2016's standards.

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Munish Sanotra
Munish Sanotra
10 /10 on Flipkart 4th Sep, 2016
16gb is expensive than 32gb

Hi flipkart i just want to know that y 16gb nexus 5x is more price than 32gb ??????

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10 /10 on Snapdeal 14th Nov, 2015
Amazing specs, nice and slim design, pure Android UI, And reasonably priced

I ordered the ice blue colour of this phone. Been using it for like 3-4 days now.. My first impressions are: Cons: Cheap sounding speakers Cheap pulse notification light No soft touch plastic Slippery coz its round edges and smooth plastic Pros: Amazing camera- both rear and front Fingerprint sensor works like charm- takes only a sec to unlock the phone Beautiful screen Slim and light design

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8 /10 on Flipkart 24th Feb, 2016
Good phone

Good phone at the price but the phone gets heated if used for a long time specially when playing games.

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10 /10 on Snapdeal 8th Nov, 2015

It is outstanding in all aspects and prices is also reasonable

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10 /10 on Snapdeal 16th Nov, 2015
Beautiful phone :-)

Nice camera Buttery smooth UI Doesn't heat up Battery back good

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10 /10 on Flipkart 6th Mar, 2016
The last Nexus phone from LG!

I was looking for a phone with zero customization in OS, timely updates and no bloatware. My budget was 30K. There are 3 choices: iPhone 5s - I'm not a fan of iOS Moto X Style - OS upgrades are slower than Nexus Nexus 5x - the last Nexus device from LG I went with Nexus 5x 32GB for 30K. Fast delivery by Flipkart and loved the product. Cons (My view): * Underpowered compared to its peers like Xiomi or One Plus. (Latest OS and timely upgrades are my priority) * No dual SIM (I have only one connection) * No memory expansion (If you keep a check on WhatsApp images and videos, 32GB is enough) * No FM Radio (This hurts!) Well, I'm a happy man today!

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Sandeep R
Sandeep R
10 /10 on Flipkart 21st Dec, 2015
Best phone ever had. I started liking Nexus very much...

I had used other brands earlier. However this time I had a chance to Buy Nexus 5x, Great phone with very good performance. Works wel for high end games, Asphalt, Injustice, NFS etc,. works wel without any lag. I realized 16 gb of internal data storage isnt enough. I recommed 32 GB of internal storage. Camera is very good, I am able to take very good photos even in low light. The best part of the phone is lightness, fast and no lag. Screen resolution is very good than Moto Play X. Modertate battery backup, But i still recommed this product who looking for phones b/w 20 and 25k.There are timely updates from google. Every time I feel I am holding a new phone. Thanks to Google. As usual Flipkart does is best job in delivering the phone. But this time I could not wait much time to get the phone delivered to my door step which was almost 6 days of waiting period.

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Abhijeet Dutt
Abhijeet Dutt
10 /10 on Flipkart 11th Nov, 2015
NEXUS 5X is the true NEXUS 5 successor!

Google + LG = Nexus Phone! Nexus 5X is the true Nexus 5(2013) successor. The Good thing about the Phone is the Size and the Dimensions, feels perfect on hands ! however the screen size is still bit larger than 2013 Nexus 5, but not by Much ! AS the screen is not very big 1080p is a good and fair Resolution. RAM only 2GB ,but its a pure Android device so no problem at all. Camera is not that great as the LG G4, but bad either! very close to its sibling Nexus 6P! At this moment the price seems bit higher but very soon the price will low down!

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10 /10 on Snapdeal 8th Nov, 2016
Lg Nexus 5x

Handset is good. And delivery was awesome. I got my handset the other day.

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Henryk Felix Kort...
Henryk Felix Kort...
10 /10 on Flipkart 7th Mar, 2016
Amazing phone for almost all of you Nexus lovers out there

I'm a Nexus fanatic, I've been using Nexus phones for a really long time now, and have waited a lot for this phone to come out; and as you suspected, I'm elated that the hype was worth it after all. This phone is the successor of the original Nexus 5, which ran popularly and recognizably for over 2 years. The difference between these two phones, the Nexus 5x and Nexus 5 is that one of them is economically ranged and of higher generation, while the other has had its turn to wow android lovers equivocally, and is now outdated. Pros: - 12.2MP Google Camera pre-loaded, with A(uto)HDR+ and HDR+ modes, panorama, lens blur, etc.; - 1080p - 4K video recording range output from the video mode, - Economically priced at 20,000 - 30,000 INR, 2,000 INR less than the 5, so that all Android fans can be happy, regardless of economic status; - Balance between performance, quality material, and functionality; - Slim, light body; - Bio-metric scanner (fingerprint scanner) on the back face!!! Cons: - 2GB RAM, which is less than the average mainstream RAM storage in other smartphones - Fairly flimsy, I accidentally dropped it on polished wood flooring from a height of 1/4th a meter, and its screen cracked a whole lot. - Fast charging, as well as fast usage, meaning less battery life (9hrs) - Irremovable battery which means you can't replace your battery if you've gradually ruined it by using it while charging - Bio-metric scanner can only have two default pre-built functionalities, which are unlocking your phone, and authorizing Play Store payments All-in-all, if you want a nexus phone that's up-to-date with the latest system of Marshmallow (yet to come Android N), economically priced, slim and lightweight, frequently usable, this is the phone for you. HOWEVER; If you constantly drop your phone, don't want to ruin the phone's originality by buying a case &/or scratch guard, play high-end games, or keep your phone on a lot which consumes the battery quickly, this is not the kind of phone you would want to spend 20,000 - 30,000 INR on, and I further recommend the Nexus 6P which has the same, plus more features. Which is also slightly older than the 5x (not a problem), and costs a mere 10,000 INR more, hehe.

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6 /10 on Snapdeal 28th Nov, 2015
average screen

first impression on screen not so good and it remains that way. it's yellowish dull. not up to the mark. Rest of the phone is good apart from speaker which is also without character.

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8 /10 on Snapdeal 24th Jan, 2016
Snapdeal is conning people

Snapdealal is fooling customers. And there service is the wors I had bought a Nexus5 from Snapdeal and was supposed to get Freefund Code for 2500 Cashback. It's been more than a month I have still not received it. I made a complaint at Snapdeal around 2 weeks back (Complaint number- 17027954) and still after multiple follow ups there's no response from the company. Stop cheating Cutomers.

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10 /10 on Flipkart 13th Feb, 2016
Nexus 5X user since 10 months!

Still I am in love with this mobile after 10 months. It always appears new due to its latest android updates. Camera is simply awesome!! Just go for it if budget is below 25k.

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Siddhesh Patil
Siddhesh Patil
10 /10 on Flipkart 10th Jan, 2016
Powerful and Subtle

I purchased the 5X from a local store as I had issues with flipkart previously. so here's my experience. I had been using a Galaxy S6 before 5x. 1) The phone is very light. Yet the build feels solid and does not feel cheap. 2) The looks are plain and generic but that is what I prefer. 3) The display is really good, sharp and not overly saturated. Really easy on the eyes. The brightness can be pushed to down to pleasant tones at night. It is also very bright and readable in the sunlight. 4) The camera is pretty good. Not better than the S6 camera but it is really close in terms of the quality. 5) No issues with the Snapdragon 808, it works very well. Does not heat up even on heavy use. I have not noticed any throttling or lags. 6) The battery life is great. I get around 4 hours SOT. I am yet to install a custom kernel and a rom to enhance the battery life. On stock it lasts me a day easily. Also, the Doze feature is amazing. I just lost 1% battery overnight. 7) The charging is really fast upto 60 % and then it slows a bit. Overall it takes 1.5 hrs to charge. 8) The cable you get is c type at both ends so you will need another a to c type cable for data transfer. 9) You will need a compatible adapter for attaching OTG pendrives. 10) The speaker is really good. The earpiece infact is better and crispier than the S6. The speaker is located at the bottom grill and is loud enough for media and gaming. 11) Fingerprint experience is beautiful, the location is so natural and easy. It is even faster than the one on S6. 12) There is a notification LED inside the speaker grill, you can customize the settings with an app to show whatever color you may want. If you are a pure android maniac and want to be the first in line for updates and are a nexus fanboy or a developer then this is the device for you. Get the 32 GB version for more storage, on 16 gb ones you only get 10-11 GB. Overall its a 5 starer for me.

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Shreshth p
Shreshth p
8 /10 on Flipkart 15th Feb, 2016
Confused whether to buy or not? Read below

Bought this for 20k from idigital seller... The first time I received the phone it was packed and brand new however I found screen too yellowish.. So I quickly went to near by mall and compared it with display nexus 5x and my phone indeed had the famous yellow tint issue that many nexus owners have... I was quick to ask for replacement.. It arrived little late but was happy this time around the screen was perfect....
Coming to the phone it's just too good.. no heating issues at all..The build quality is okay okay and gets finger smudges behind.. Applying simple case helped me...

Camera is just too good specially low light shots... I compared it with S5,iphone 6 and motor x style 21 mp camera and it beat them easily... it has same camera as nexus 6p..

Finger print : best after iPhone 6s..its fast and accurate.. I have had 4 different fingers installed.. The phones finger print placement is so good u naturally put ur finger there and unlock fast..

Storage : it's comes down to preference.. It's less.. But I never play games except zynga poker and do not stuff my phone with filth... I keep it short and simple.. Since I have iPad.. I watch all movies on that.. So 16 gb is enuf for me.. Tip:buy a type c to USB otg comes very handy.. make sure you buy good one

Battery : fast charging is good.. Getting 4 hours 30 minutes screen on time easily with 3 emails synced, messaging, video streaming, with all time WiFi or data on... doze mode is awesome

Screen : it's good!! nothing extraordinary ... crisp clear with warmness and little washed out compared to samsungs super smoled display.. Would've been great to see this phone on amoled.. It would've made battery even better

Box comes with mobile charger and headphones... Headphones are good but I prefer apples earpod.. it has audio jack at the bottom of the phone which is how it should be!

Speaker : okay! it's front facing thank God for that.. Cause they are not loud at all.(but there's quality) . Being in public place u won't be able to hear it clear ..

Important note: be very very very careful when selecting tempered glass.. This phone has proximity sensor below receivers voice and if tempered glass is not well cut it will block and u will face problems like when u call screen will turn blank... I found out later after applying faulty one and got better cut tempered glass now it's all good...
Also install swift key or other keyboard cause default keyboard keeps vibrating every time u type and it takes a lot of battery... ND there's no way to switch it off... So install swift key..

Don't get disturbed by Chinese phones selling 3 gb or 4 gb ram phones for cheaper.. If ur looking for sophisticated phone with quality it's this phone.. Chinese phones are great on spreadsheet but fail in real use....

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