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Prabhath MP
Prabhath MP
10 /10 on Flipkart 4th Apr, 2015
Initial thoughts - Switched from Google-Android to Apple iOS

I guess there are already so many reviews and feedback about the phone that most would know what the phone really is capable of. To me personally, I liked the Android operating system for the options/customization it allows at every point, nevertheless Apple products have their own standards and that way there is a little less to learn when compared to so many versions/variants of Android suites out there. I guess because of the standardization Apple follows the applications would certainly work unlike compatibility issues we find on other Android phones :) I mainly bought this phone to enable access to corporate mails and I guess I would be happy for a longer time with this product. I am confident after reading so many reviews by fellow users :) The battery seems pretty strong in comparison to any other Android phone I have used/seen so far. To conclude, both have equal capabilities (considering only those features that are most commonly used by a majority of the population). In some ways Apple is better and in others Android. I am excited about using this product since this is my first ever Apple product :) Cheers to evolution. Prabhath MP

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Chitvan Kumar
Chitvan Kumar
10 /10 on Flipkart 31st Oct, 2014
Amazing Phone- Iphone 6

Replaced my Iphone 5s with New Iphone 6. This year again purchased my iphone from Flipkart & as always delivery was up-to the mark. Phone is Amazing, Super Fast, Light weight, sleek & dashing look.

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10 /10 on Flipkart 26th Jun, 2015
What a Deal......

I want to say thanks to Flipkart and WS retail. Ordered the phone on22rd june...recived it on 23rd. excellent packing... No need to say about iphone 6 and its performance...just AWESOME....stylish and elegant product. I ordered this phone with many doubts in my mind regarding Indian warranty.After receiving the phone...I checked the serial number with apple service centre.It was genuine with one year Indian warranty. Thanks to Flipkart for the amazing deal... Dont think much....JUST GO FOR IT.

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2 /10 on Flipkart 11th Oct, 2016
Did not meet expectations

Received defective product but, not accepting for replacement wasted my 28k thanks to flipkart showed me not to buy again in flipkart.

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Flipkart Customer
Flipkart Customer
2 /10 on Flipkart 14th Oct, 2016
Not recommended at all

Heights of taking customers for granted. Stop making fool out of customers by giving all these offers if you can't deliver. Bought an iPhone 6 in exchange for my Samsung A5 got a faulty phone twice now after all the harrassment got told that take your money back. So, You guys are telling me that you don't care and you can manipulate on basis of your ridiculous policies.Shame on you guys. Will seek help from Consumer Forum.

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Flipkart Customer
Flipkart Customer
8 /10 on Flipkart 8th Feb, 2017
Best phone still @25-27K

Purchased at BBD @2016 Oct. After 5months of use, Found Good/Bad points in it: Good Points: 1. Slim 2. Handy 3. No virus problem 4. No heating ( just during charging nominal heating goes, bearable) 5. Smooth playing of game (Asphalt 8) 6. Best Camera in videos and photos (Not good for low lighting pics) Bad Points: 1. Pics are not good in low lighting. 2. Storage problem, i purchased 16gb but actual it gives 12/13gb and after 3/4months i just left with 1/2gb. needs to transfer in pc or somewhere weekly/ monthky 3. Requires itunes in laptop for transfer. 4. 12-16hrs average usage battery life. (whatsapp, safari browsing, facebook, songs) 5. 70-80 mins charging required. No fast charging Vote if u like my review :)

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2 /10 on Flipkart 5th Sep, 2016
Supplying duplicate product at original price.

even after 18 Days, 7 email & 10 calls & on getting 8 firm confirmation from flipkart, purchased defective is not replaced by flipkart. Flip kart dont care about its customers.

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Shery Nair
Shery Nair
2 /10 on Flipkart 22nd May, 2015

This review is for Indian buyers. I won't go into the pros and cons of the device. However, as someone whose iPhone fell down, resulting in a broken screen - Beware ! Apple India does not allow part repair for screens - guess why? Because the Indian technicians are not trained enough !! Yes - that is the reason I got from the Apple Care Helpline. As a result while the rest of the world pays 109 dollars - about 7K from a new screen - Indians have to pay a whopping 25K minimum - no other options. Why minimum - because of phone has any other damage- the price goes up. However, on my insistence, the Apple care lady admitted that you could try having it serviced in another country where they do part repair - but no guarantees. There is no option to courier the device and have it repaired abroad either. To be forced to pay more than 50% of the cost of the phone for something than happens frequently with kids and slips from car dashboards, and especially considering the slippery iPhone screen and protruding camera slot in the back is nothing short of robbery. I would not have bought the phone had I seen this information.

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Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal
10 /10 on Flipkart 19th Nov, 2014
Brand name says it all

Apple iPhone 6 (Gold, 64 GB). everyone must already be aware about it. I don't think I need to describe about the product. I bought it from WS Retail. I searched almost all shops; but finally I managed to get it on Flipkart. Prompt Delivery. Product is working absolutely fine. If you are getting this through WS Retail, don't think. Just buy it.

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Amit Anand
Amit Anand
8 /10 on Flipkart 16th Jun, 2015
Once an Iphone User, Always an Iphone User!!!

Extremely satisfied with the Iphone 6, Great look.. sleek design..amazing performance. But very disappointed with the packing of the box. No safety cushion around the box. I would rate this as 4 star because of the poor packaging of seller MobilestoreSLP.

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Space lab Archit...
Space lab Archit...
6 /10 on Flipkart 14th Apr, 2015
Iphone 6

There is something fishy about this seller, the phone was missing its protective screen which is usually present on all new phones.

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Rahul A.
Rahul A.
10 /10 on Flipkart 2nd Nov, 2014

I upgraded from an iPhone 5 and have to say that this has been the best iPhone I have used till date.... I had the iPhone 4 prior to the iPhone 5 and the battery life on iPhone 6 is so far the best I've ever seen on a phone! It easily lasts a day with 3G and 1.5 days with 2G.... Very Very thin and lightweight and the camera is a beauty!! Would definately recommend!!

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Saumil Chaubey
Saumil Chaubey
10 /10 on Flipkart 23rd Oct, 2014
Simply amazing

The feeling of un boxing it and switching it on for the first time is something in itself! You will be surprised to find it so light compared to its screen size. Amazingly smooth and has a much better battery life. Charges faster if you use an ipad charger with it. The double tap for accessibility is great and very useful. The camera does far better than its predecessor. You will love it when you own it.

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8 /10 on Snapdeal 5th Jul, 2015
Iphone 6

Very god service by snapdeal very good Iphone supplied by supplier and most important is before time hatsoff keep it up

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vinuthan naik
vinuthan naik
4 /10 on Flipkart 25th May, 2015
iPhone 6 runs hot

It's not really looking good for the iPhone 6 overheating problems, it's a really weird sensation as well, it makes me just want to put the phone down, never has this happened on my older iPhones and looking at it, it seems to be a recurring problem ..

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Abhishek Harih...
Abhishek Harih...
10 /10 on Flipkart 30th Nov, 2014
Awesome phone

Upgraded from iPhone 4S to this one. Touch is so so so smooth. Absolutely no sign of lag whatsoever. Display is absolutely stunning. I have compared this with some of the latest AMOLED android phones side by side and while keeping the phone at usual reading distance I could not feel any lack of resolution or ppi. Yes if we keep the phone at 5 - 10 cm from the face there may be some difference although very minute. Anyway I don't plan to use the phone so close to my face. iOS 8 runs like butter. Touch ID is the best fingerprint sensor in any smartphone. It is so accurate in allowing the right and denying the wrong fingers. 1 Gb RAM is the only slight disappointment in terms of specs on paper but I did not find any issues of crash or anything. I also tried opening 6 desktop view safari tabs. Then opening couple of other apps and games. Then came back to safari and none of these tabs refreshed or reloaded. I tried it e same test with 10 tabs and some of them reloaded. But I am anyway not such a heavy Multitasker. So it is not too much of a problem. Games and apps open instantly with no lag or delay. I did not try to bend it but it does not really feel bendable under regular stress. Overall an amazing phone.

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2 /10 on Flipkart 10th Jan, 2015
faulty producted

wasted my money on iphone 6 bugs on a faulty product and even my glass screen guard got wasted useless seller

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Qasif Ali
Qasif Ali
10 /10 on Snapdeal 5th Jul, 2015
Iphone 6, great phone great service by snapdeal

great service by snapdeal. thank you. i got the best rate on snapdeal.

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Sagar shetty
Sagar shetty
10 /10 on Flipkart 6th Feb, 2015
It's simply Awesome Review After 4 months

First of all, I like to thank flipkart for it's amazing deliver on time. I got this phone on the day it was released in INDIA. The packing was good. I am Apple fan, because of it's reliability and software / hardware support. It's been more than 4 months now, I am using this phone. And I have not faced any issue. If you use iphone you will never regret it. It's worth the money you pay. In terms of speed and quality of software, it's way ahead from any other smart phones in Market. Camera quality is amazing. Spl for low light pictures. Image stabilization is upto the mark. As compared to Android phones, the specs are low, but if you test the software / gaming experience on iphone, it's faster, smooth, and much better than other smart phones. I test my game play with Nexus 6 and the results were much better on iphone. Overall It's the best smart phone. Don't compare specs with Android phones. IOS is way beyond that. Use it and then feel the difference. Cons: 1. Data sharing with other phones is a huge task which I feel. 2. You don't get so much of customization as other platforms have to offer... (But do you really need it :p)

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Sanoop Sukumaran
Sanoop Sukumaran
2 /10 on Flipkart 13th Oct, 2016
Faulty Phone

I got it as part of festival offer. I cant even call since the sound is feeble. Terrible and disappointed !

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